NYC Attitude vs DC Destroyers – May 15, 2024 | Week 8, Season II

The broadcast will start on May, 16 2024 at 02:00 AM

    In Week 8 of Team Combat League Season II, the NYC Attitude, coached by Benny Roman and Ryan O'Leary, gears up for an electrifying showdown against the DC Destroyers, skillfully guided by Barry Hunter.

    There are 24 three-minute rounds of continuous action, with competitors competing in one-round matches across eight weight classes (six male and two female).

    Each match consists of three periods: Launch Rounds (1-8), Middle Rounds (9-16), and Money Rounds (17-24). Scoring is based on a 10-9 system for decision wins, 10-8 for knockdowns, and 10-7 for two knockdowns or a stoppage.

    Three judges from a state athletic boxing commission score each round individually, and the team with the highest total score after all 24 rounds wins!