Team Combat League Boxing Terms of Service for End Users

Version dated 15.11.2023

These Terms of Service (the «Agreement» or «Terms of Service») are concluded between Team Combat League Boxing («Team Combat League Boxing», «we», «us» or «our») and you, our customer («you» or «your»). This Agreement governs your use of the website and our online video hosting and sharing services available through the websites, applications, embedded video players and displays (collectively the “Service”) operated by us, and your viewing of content from specific rightholders. In relation to each purchase during the use of the Service, this Agreement is concluded directly with the content rightholder specified in the Agreement.

1. Conclusion of the Agreement

1.1. Acceptance of Agreement

By creating an account, viewing the available content, or otherwise visiting or using our Service, you accept this Agreement and agree to enter into an electronic contract with us.

1.2. Legal Entities

If you are a legal entity other than an individual, a person who registers an account or otherwise uses our Service, you must have the right to bind the legal entity and must use a registered email address owned or controlled by that entity. In this context, “you” means both the legal entity and each person entitled to access the account.

1.3. Agreement Updates

We may update this Agreement by posting the updated version on our website. By continuing to use our Service, you agree to any revised Agreements.

2. Service and Content

2.1. Access and Use

In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, we provide you with access to our Service, including the right to use all the features of our video player that we can provide. Access to content may be limited, and you agree to abide by such restrictions. Content availability is not guaranteed, and permission to view the content can be revoked at any time.

2.2. User Conditions

You must comply with specific conditions such as not reverse engineering or modifying the video player, not extracting data without consent, and not modifying the videos available in the video player.

3. Accounts

3.1. Account Creation

You can create an account to use certain features we offer by providing an email address. By creating an account, you agree to receive notifications from Team Combat League Boxing to this email address.

3.2. Age Requirement

To create an account or use our Service, you must meet age requirements. Users under a certain age must use the Service with a parent or guardian’s account and permission.

3.3. Parental Responsibility

Parents granting permission to use the Service through their account are responsible for monitoring and controlling their child’s use.

3.4. Account Security

You are responsible for all activities under your account and must keep your credentials confidential.

4. Acceptable Use Policy

4.1. Compliance

Your use of the Service must adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy outlined in this section.

4.2. Prohibited Actions

Various actions are prohibited, including using offensive pseudonyms, engaging in illegal activities, and manipulating the Service.

4.3. Restrictions

You are prohibited from certain activities unless permitted by law or by us.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

5.1. Content Rights

No rights are granted to users regarding the content available in our video player, except as expressly granted by this Agreement.

5.2. Permissions Granted to Team Combat League Boxing

You grant Team Combat League Boxing permissions to use specific identifiers and content submitted through the Service.

5.3. Usage of User-Submitted Content

Team Combat League Boxing may use user suggestions without compensation and holds rights to copy, transmit, and display user-submitted content.

5.4. Prohibition of Illegal Use

Users are prohibited from using the Service for illegal use of content that infringes intellectual property rights.

6. Your Responsibilities

6.1. Representation and Warranty

You represent that you have the right to access the website with our video player.

6.2. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify and defend Team Combat League Boxing against claims arising from your actions.

7. Payments

7.1. Purchase Options

You may select offers for one-time purchases or subscription-based purchases available on the Service.

7.2. Refund Policy

Purchases made within the Service are generally non-refundable, unless specified by the Refund Policy.

7.3. Subscription Renewal and Cancellation

Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless canceled, and unused subscription periods do not carry over.

7.4. Payment Processing

Payments are processed by available payment systems, and Team Combat League Boxing may use third-party services for payment acceptance.

7.5. Donations

Users may provide donations, which are non-refundable single payments.

8. Term and Termination

8.1. Agreement Duration

This Agreement is effective as long as you use our Service or have an account with us.

8.2. Termination by Team Combat League Boxing

Team Combat League Boxing may terminate this Agreement with notice and may suspend or restrict access for breaches of this Agreement.

8.3. Effect of Termination

Certain sections of the Agreement remain in effect even after termination.

9. Disclaimer of Liability

9.1. Service Disclaimer

Team Combat League Boxing provides the Service on an «as is» and «as available» basis, disclaiming all warranties except as expressly stated.

9.2. Limitations

Team Combat League Boxing’s liability is limited to specific extents as mentioned in the Agreement.

10. Limitation of Liability

10.1. Liability Limitation

Team Combat League Boxing’s liability is limited to specific amounts or conditions as stated in the Agreement.

11. Disputes, Arbitration and Choice of Law

11.1. Resolution

Attempts to resolve disputes should be made directly with us before outside intervention.

11.2. Governing Law

Disputes will be governed by the laws of England and Wales.

11.3. Legal Venue

Lawsuits related to this Agreement must be initiated in the courts of England.

12. General Provisions

12.1. Rights Reserved

Team Combat League Boxing reserves all rights not expressly granted in this Agreement.

12.2. Relationship of Parties

The Agreement binds the parties but does not establish an agency, partnership, or joint venture.

12.3. Third-Party Links

Links to third-party websites are governed by their own terms of service.

12.4. Agreement Amendments

The Agreement can only be changed as outlined in the Agreement itself.

12.5. Language

The Agreement is written in English, and other language versions are for reference only.

12.6. Legal Notices

Legal notices must be sent by email to