Abner Mares | Mega Brawl – Season I

Abner Mares, former world champion and Showtime Boxing analyst talks about Team Combat League and the Mega Brawl 1!

In this YouTube video, Anthony Hess interviews Abner Mares, a former world champion boxer and current Showtime Boxing analyst, to discuss the Team Combat League and the Mega Brawl 1 event. The interview provides valuable insights into these topics, shedding light on the significance of both the league and the upcoming mega brawl.

During the interview, Abner Mares shares his thoughts on Team Combat League, a professional combat sports organization that aims to revolutionize combat sports entertainment.

Mares also delves into the Mega Brawl 1 event, which is set to be one of the most anticipated fights in recent years. He talks about the fighters involved, their backgrounds, and their motivations for participating in this groundbreaking event. Mares provides expert analysis on the potential outcomes of the fights and shares his predictions for who might come out on top.

Throughout the interview, Anthony Hess asks thought-provoking questions that allow Mares to delve deeper into his insights and expertise. They discuss various aspects of combat sports, including training techniques, mental preparation, and the importance of strategy in achieving success in the ring.