The Staredown: Davis vs Bates – Season I

The Staredown - Intense Face-to-Face Conversation Between Two Boxers Ahead of the All-Star Match for Team Combat League!

Welcome to the highly anticipated episode of "The Staredown," with Anthony Hess where two fierce boxers come face to face to discuss their strategies and plans to defeat each other in the upcoming All-Star Match for Team Combat League. This intense conversation will give you a glimpse into the minds of these talented athletes as they prepare for the All Star Match on Sunday, August 20th

In this episode, our two boxing superstars, Deric Davis and Sean Bates, the emotions run high as they share their thoughts on previous matches, rivalries, and the significance of this particular event. They reveal their strategies for exploiting weaknesses and capitalizing on strengths while maintaining utmost respect for each other's skills

As the cameras roll, Davis and Bates delve into their training routines, mental preparation, and game plans. They discuss their strengths and weaknesses, analyzing each other's fighting styles with precision. Both fighters express their determination to secure a win for their respective teams in this high-stakes match..

"The Staredown" captures every moment of this intense face-to-face encounter, highlighting the passion and dedication these athletes bring to their craft. Witness their unwavering confidence and hear their words of motivation as they mentally prepare themselves for the ultimate showdown.

Don't miss this captivating episode of "The Staredown" as we get an exclusive look into the minds of these two remarkable boxers. Tune in on Sunday, August 20th or purchase tickets at The event will take place at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA